South Peace Roads Update

The BC Grain Producers Association has been a long-time advocate for importance road maintenance in the Peace Region. Reliable road infrastructure is needed for all areas of our agricultural operations from bringing home the inputs that grow our crops and hauling production off the field to the shipping point. The BC Grain Producers Association and the local road contractor in the South Peace, ARGO Road Maintenance have been working together to brainstorm cost-effective solutions on how to improve road maintenance for the Grain farmers in the region. One issue that has been identified is that summer access roads are needed to access fields in the early spring for seeding, a concern brought up by Grain Producers is that many of these roads wash out with spring runoff or have drifted snow and access is difficult for the large equipment during this time.

 During a recent meeting held Feb 23, 2022 (This meeting can be viewed on the BCGPA website) it was brought up that if there was some prevention and the heavy snowpack was pushed back, this could minimize damage. The BC Grain Producers over the years has compiled a list of summer access roads in an area North of Dawson Creek that by improved maintenance can help access to a large agricultural land base but also remove large equipment from busier roads for safety and improved traffic flow. This spring ARGO with the permission from Ministry of Transportation will be doing late winter snow removal on these roads (See attached map) although not every summer access can be completed it is the hope of the BCGPA and ARGO that this proactive approach allows for less damage in spring and increased access to fields that resources may be focused in other areas in the future.

The BC Grain Producers and AGRO Road Maintenance look forward to continues communication and collaboration in the Future.  For more information on this program please e-mail or call the BC Grain Producers @ (250)785-5774