Have you been wondering about our trials? Kristyn invites you to join her as we have a look at one of our trial sites next Thursday, September 8th at 10:30 am. This site is a replicated canola triRead More »

Production Insurance Update

Grain producers are reminded that:


You Must Give a Detailed Notice Of Loss

Each time you become aware of an event that has the potential to damage the Crop (an “Event”), you must give us a notice (a “Notice of Loss”). Production Insurance must receive this Notice of Loss prior to Read More »


• Looking to do an energy efficiency upgrade or air quality and climate change project (GHG)? You can now apply without an energy assessment!
• Missed out on irrigation or riparian upgrade this spring? There are more BMPs available than before!
• Don’t have time to install? You can still purchase the Read More »

  • Crop Prices


    Barley 1 CW October $6.54
    Canola 1 CC November $16.85
    Wheat 1 CPSR 12.0 November $9.90
    Wheat 1 CWRS 13.0 November $10.88
    Wheat Feed December $9.71
    Peas 2C Yellow September $11.53

    Prices on September 9, 2022.  Courtesy of Richardson Pioneer in Dawson Creek (250) 782-9264.

    *Please note prices are subject to change, contact your local grain company for current prices