Pest Update July 27 – 31, 2020

Haying continues to happen and a reminder that insect populations from hayed fields will migrate into new fields. Scouting is encouraged of any nearby fields as populations will increase.

Grasshoppers have been noted from 4th Instar – Adults, the pest project will be starting its annual grasshopper survey.

Aphids have been noted in Wheat, Peas and Canola.

Wheat continues to be susceptible to Wheat Midge damage currently, reminder threshold for Wheat Midge is one insect per 4-5 heads for prevention of yield loss. The BC Peace Weather female Wheat Midge emergence tool estimates that we are at 50% emergence currently.

Scouting for Sclerotinia and other diseases in Canola, Stripe Rust and Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat should be continued.

Growth Stages using the BBCH Scale were noted for the week as follows: Canola 67-80, Wheat 73-85, and Peas 39-79. Growing Degree Days (based on a May 15 seeding, Base 5°C) provided through the Peace Agri Weather Network are Farmington – 677, Cecil Lake – 671, and Buick – 665.


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