Grain Dryer Energy Efficiency Funding Available

The Environmental Farm Plan Program has received extra funding to assist farmers and ranchers address environmental risks, including improving energy efficiency, on farm.

Grain Dryer Energy Efficiency Funding is Available for BC Grain Growers


Who’s eligible? You must be a farmer or rancher on agricultural land that has a current Environmental Farm Plan (within the past 5 years).


What happens if I don’t have a current Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)?  Contact ARDCorp at 1-866- 522-3447 and arrange to have an EFP Planning Advisor assist you in completing your plan. The EFP Program is free, confidential and allows participation in the Beneficial Management Program funding.


How much funding is available?  Each farm or ranch is eligible to a total of $70k since the EFP program started in 2004. There is a list of Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) that can be applied for to assist in making environmental improvements on your farm. 


Energy efficiency funding is available, 60% of cost can be covered to a maximum of $50k.


Eligible costs include purchase and installation of:

  • Electrical / fossil fuel energy metering / monitoring systems
  • Electronic HVAC controls
  • Moisture monitoring and controllers
  • Electric conversion
  • Heat exchangers
  • Thermostats or burner temperature control for energy efficiency
  • Adaptation of heaters to improve efficiency
  • Variable speed blowers and thermostat / temperature controls on grain dryers
  • Preheating tier addition to dryer
  • High efficiency vapourizer


Ineligible Items:

  • Installations on new farm buildings
  • Domestic connections/use
  • Costs normally associated with meeting building code specifications


Steps to follow:

  • Contact ARDCorp 1 866-522-3447 to arrange for a Planning Advisor to assist you to complete your EFP.
  • If you have
    a current EFP, contact your Planning Advisor to assist you with the application.
  • Fill out application found here
  • Receive approval.
  • Purchase approved items.
  • Approved items are to be delivered to your property.
  • Proof of purchase/receipt/photographs to be sent to ARDCorp.
  • Funding received.

Deadline to complete projects and make your claim is March 15, 2021, so don’t delay!