Common Pea Root Rot Pathogen “APANOMYCES EUTHEICHES” in BC Peace

April 27, 2023- During the growing season of 2022, Pea growers in the BC Pace Region noticed that pea crops were starting to show signs of stress. Keith Uloth, with the Pest monitoring project, collected soil samples from 9 locations in the BC Pace region. These samples were sent to the Lethbridge Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. In April 2023, Shimaila Ali and Syama Chatterton, of Lethbridge Research and Development Centre submitted a report summarizing the data collected from these soil samples.

The BC Grain Producers Association and Pest monitoring project are looking for Pea growers around the BC Peace Region to partner with to complete further sampling and monitoring on local Pea fields. If you have grown Peas in the last 3-5 years and are planning to seed peas in that same field in 2023 please contact Keith @ (250)613-0761 or e-mail

Full report Report-BC-2022-4 AAFC[50082] and for more information on Aphanomyces 190208_Aphanomyces_fact_sheet-compressed