SOIL pH Webinar- Feb 6th

Join the BC Grain Producers Association in partnership with the Peace Region Living Lab project as we host Agronomist Norm Dueck. Norm is going to speak on the pH Causes and corrective actions. Low pH soils have been a topic of conversation on a lot of field visits and farm tours in summer 2023, There will opportunities for Peace Region producers to ask an expert to help find solutions.

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Norm has been involved in agriculture in the BC Central Interior, Bulkley Valley, Cariboo, Robson Valley and BC Peace for the past 24+ years as a Certified Crop Advisor and consultant as well as the A&L Canada Laboratories’ Prairie Soil & Crop Specialist rep since Fall of 2018. Sixteen of those years doubled as an Ag Retail sales rep. Norm has vast experience and knowledge in soil nutrition/health and many prairie crops including cereals, canola, forages, corn etc and has worked with wood ash, biosolids and pulp mill sludge in order to help his growers achieve success whether dairy, beef, row-cropping or a mix of all and in May of 2023 he achieved his LLAg certification from the BCIA. On top of this, Norm has taken time away from work and taken high school students on field trips or agronomy events to encourage young people to pursue a career in agriculture or simply motivate them to continue their involvement in the family farm.

His approach to agronomy is one of balance. If your soil nutrients are in proper balance to each other, or you feed your crop a balanced ration, your crop will show it and you will love it! Norm’s passion and love for agriculture has never been stronger! He loves the outdoors (obviously field scouting) but also for hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing etc with family and friends. Breathe deep, let it go, be kind and LIVE!