Small Plot Research Notice to Members

January 20, 2021


To our members:

Effective immediately, the BC Grain Producers Association will cease the small plot research program.

Due to the BCGPA being unable to find a stable funding stream for the small plot research and the bulk of the Association’s resources focused on this program, the decision was made to cease small plot research. It was apparent that there were little to no resources left for equally important projects, which were not getting the attention they needed. This is an announcement that we had hoped we would not have to write and it was an incredibly difficult decision to make.

While lack of funding and resources has lead to the decision to cancel the small plot research program, it will allow the association to focus on other areas of importance,  as well as pivot to larger scale, on-farm research.  The Board is looking forward to working with Association staff and local members to produce on-farm data and make it available to local producers.



Board of Directors


Notice to Members – Research Closure