Rural Road Conditions in the South Peace

As Grain farmers access to our land base and ability to get our product to market is extremely important to our agriculture operations. Directors of the BC Grain Producers met with Argo Road Maintenance representatives last week to discuss how we can work together to increase communication among landowners and road maintenance contractor about road issues.  In the North Peace there is the “North Peace Rural Roads Task Force in place” is a local government/industry group organized to lobby government for improvements to rural roads. The BC Grain Producers would like to create a small working group of South Peace Grain producers to advise Argo Road maintenance in planning for future maintenance plans.


An area that has been a concern in the past is the “8F” Road classification which are roads typically not maintained or not open but for which maintenance responsibilities may exist pursuant to Additional Maintenance Services. These are roads that grain farmers need to access their fields during spring seeding and fall harvest. This BCGPA group and AGRO will be working together to compile a list of these roads that require services and develop a plan to meet the needs of our industry. As there is limited funding for these roads, we realize the increased need for communication and planning with the road contractor.


If you are a Grain Producer in the South Peace and would like to sit on this working group, please contact or phone: 250-785-5774. Or contact one of our BCGPA directors. We are planning to hold our first meeting later in the fall but if you have any road concerns prior, please reach out to AGRO Road maintenance @ 1-800-663-7623 or email