PRLL Summer Field Work

Summer students Liam Walsh and Ella Bennett have been completing this years Peace Region Living Lab field testing for various sites. These tests determine soil compaction, moisture, temperature, infiltration, and general soil characteristics. Soil compaction, moisture, and temperature are all measured by a variety of probes. Infiltration is measured in two different ways. Firstly, there is the single ring infiltration that measures the amount of time it takes 1 inch of water to enter the soil, effectively mimicking 1 inch of rainfall on a field. Secondly, there is the mini-disk infiltrometer that examines how the rate of infiltration changes as more water infiltrates. Visual soil assessments are completed to determine general soil qualities and is performed by simply digging up and observing a portion of dirt. The data is used to compare what is considered the best management practice to a control field. All of the data listed is taken in regular increments over 5 years for the PRLL project.  For more information visit the PRLL website:

Moisture meter and supply cart

Moisture meter, thermometer, compaction meter, and infiltration ring.

Infiltration ring measuring rate of infiltration