Important Information on Bill C234!!

Vote for Bill C-234 – Ag Carbon Alliance

The Federal government is at a critical point in the passing of Bill C-234 in the Senate. In the Agriculture and Forestry Committee meeting, and amendment was passed by a vote of 7-6 which will exempt the heating and cooling of barns, greenhouses and buildings on farms from the legislation. Should this pass the Senate floor, the legislation will be required to go back to the House of Commons for another debate and vote. Grain drying is still included, but these further delays put the legislation at risk.

Please see the attached link for information on Bill C-234 where you can automatically send a letter to your MP in support of this private members bill. Vote for Bill C-234 – Ag Carbon Alliance

To support farmers in their efforts, Bill C-234 seeks to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act to extend the exemption for qualifying farming fuel to marketable natural gas and propane. The current carbon price rebate, introduced last year through Bill C-8, does not fully account for the individual width of carbon surcharges applied to farms.

Farmers pay a carbon price on essential farming activities such as irrigation, grain drying, feed preparation, heating or cooling of barns and other agricultural growing structures.

Bill C-234 would provide an exemption, limited to on-farm fuel use for these necessary farm practices, allowing farmers to invest their money in the efficiency of their operations.