October 24-26, 2022 – BC Grain Producer Directors Hannah Willms and Jennifer Critcher joined B.C. farmers and ranchers from across the province for the first time in three years for BC Agriculture Council’s (BCAC) annual Ag Day in Victoria to emphasize their commitment to bringing healthy and quality food and plants to the homes of British Columbians.

BCAC is the lead industry advocate for key sector-wide priorities in British Columbia. BCAC is comprised of 28 member associations which in turn represent 96% of farm gate sales in the province.

Organized by BCAC as the sector’s key advocacy event of the year, Ag Day is a series of scheduled meetings between B.C. farmers and ranchers, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, senior government officials, and other key stakeholders such as the Agricultural Land Commission. This year’s discussions will focus on producer-led solutions to address rising input costs, farm classification, environment and climate change, and farm trespass.

BC Grain directors met with Lana Popham, BC Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. In addition to BCAC key messages, topics discussed during the meeting were the high cost of production including fertilizer and fuel, specifically the carbon tax on natural gas and propane used for grain drying. Additional topics brought to the minister were the need for increased investment in the ministry of AG staff to support producers in the north as they navigate through government programming and the need for automation in information collection. Investment in critical infrastructure in the North, such as the replacement of the Taylor Bridge was also brought forward.

If you are interested in more information about these meetings or have questions about the BC AG Council please call Jennifer Critcher @ 250-219-3284

 “We believe there is strong alignment between industry and government priorities that would bring innovation, and rejuvenation to the next generation while creating jobs for resilient rural communities and enhancing provincial food security and economic growth.”
BCAC President Stan Vander Waal