Dam Safety Management Workshop

Dam Safety Management Workshops are being held in the Peace Region at the start of October. A workshop will be held in Fort St. John on October 1, 2019 and in Dawson Creek on October 3, 2019.  There is no cost to attend, but participants are required to RSVP by contacting the workshop coordinator at Kevin.2.Chan@gov.bc.ca or 778-698-9091.  Additional details about the workshops can be found below and a flyer for the events is attached.


The British Columbia (BC) Dam Safety Program is a longstanding government program that audits over 1,500 active dams in the province that are regulated under the Dam Safety Regulation and the Water Sustainability Act (WSA). Since the adoption of the WSA, many agriculture water storage structures have fallen under the definition of a dam. The definition of a dam is not limited to a structure on a stream that holds back water. Berms surrounding lagoons, dugouts, reservoirs, and other water impoundment structures can also be considered to be dams depending on the amount of water that is being held. In BC, the landowner is responsible for the diligent management of dams or dam like structures on their property, as well as the consequences of failures related to their dams.


As such, this workshop is being offered to help agricultural producers understand the regulations that govern dams in BC. The workshop will provide guidance, training, and tools about how to inspect, manage, and maintain water holding structures on their property. The workshop may provide valuable guidance to anyone who is involved with dams or dugouts and help producers plan their work regarding dams or dugouts in alignment with the current regulations. You do not need to be the owner of a registered dam to attend. The workshop is also open to anyone who has a water impoundment and is unsure of its status or who wants to learn more about dam safety.

Click Dam Safety Flyer – FSJ + DC for a pdf copy of information poster.